Lawyer for foreigners in Kharkiv.

We are pleased to welcome you on the official website of the Law Оffice «Sergey Yarmak», where you will find all the information you need about a lawyer for foreigners in Kharkiv, Ukraine!The Law Office «Sergey Yarmak» was established in Kharkiv to provide you with qualified legal services and legal assistance in all areas of your life.

I represent the Law Office as its founder, manager and lawyer, and my main task is to help you to resolve the problem and achieve the desired result by the least cost and loss for you.

The main activities of the Law Оffice are: providing legal assistance to citizens, institutions and organizations in various spheres of criminal, civil, labor, family, administrative and tax legislation. Having a significant (more than 18 years) experience and positive experience in these branches of law, I guarantee my clients optimal solutions, absolute confidentiality and the preservation of the legal profession.

Each case is unique, and that’s why there are no standard situations, as there are no standard solutions. I apply an individual approach to each client and provide him with complete and objective information for making decisions in any given situation.


The main activities of the Law Office are:

— Lawyer protection of the client in criminal cases in the police and in court;

— Client representation in a civil court;

— Rendering of legal services in the sphere of family relations — divorce, collection of alimony for the maintenance of children, division of property and many others;

— Legal support of transactions for the purchase of real estate, control over the activities of real estate agents, verification of the legality of the transaction, legal examination of contracts;

— Hereditary law — all issues associated with the adoption of inheritance in Ukraine;

— Assistance of a lawyer in road traffic accidents — representation in the police and in court;

— The program «Personal Lawyer»;

— Business Protection Program «Business — Advocate» — comprehensive legal protection of business;

— Assistance to foreigners in all matters related to the migration service of Ukraine — permanent or temporary residence permit in Ukraine, extension of the period of stay in Ukraine, obtaining the citizenship of Ukraine, marriage in Ukraine and many other issues.


Applying for help to a lawyer for foreigners in Kharkiv — you will get qualified legal assistance and solutions to your problems in a short time and with a guarantee of quality.


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Head of office   —   Sergey Yarmak